Off-grid photovoltaic power plants Off-grid PV power plants are the types of photovoltaic systems designed to stabilize the voltage supplied from an autonomous station. A stand-alone solar panel inverter acts as a stabilizer, with which you can equalize the voltage on the line and thereby prevent damage to equipment at your home or business. An […]


On-grid photovoltaic power plants On-grid PV power plants are one of the most common types of photovoltaic systems designed to generate electricity with subsequent transmission to the external network. Most often, electricity produced by a grid solar power plant (SPP) is sold to a third-party buyer at the market price. Grid solar power plants are […]


Net Billing Scheme Net billing is a monetary exchange where the energy produced by your solar power plant is considered as if it were produced by a large-scale solar project. However, your compensation rate will be lower with net billing than with net metering. WHAT IS NET BILLING? Net billing is a mechanism where the […]


Net Metering Scheme Net Energy Metering is a mechanism for supporting the generation of “clean” energy for one’s own needs, which allows using the power grid as a kind of “accumulator”. The generation of electricity by solar depends on the weather, time of day and season. Therefore, net metering can play a significant role in […]

Schneider Electric Dials in a Smarter Home Energy Solution at CES 2023

Schneider Electric Unveils First-of-its-Kind Simple, Smart, Sustainable Home Energy Management Solution at CES 2023 Award winning ‘Schneider Home’ provides energy independence with an integrated home energy management solution – controlled by a single, easy-to-use app – that automates energy production, storage, measurement and control, making homes efficient, resilient and sustainable Intelligent, intuitive, and attractive, Schneider […]

Akcome 700W+ “ZERO Infinite” HJT modules are launched grandly


On August 28, Akcome Technology 700W+Heterojunction Module New Product Release Conference and Opening Ceremony of Hangzhou Future Research Institute was held in Changxing, Zhejiang Province. The conference launched the new series of Akcome 700W+“ZERO Infinite” products and unveiled the plaque for the official completion of Akcome Hangzhou Future Research Institute, demonstrating the latest breakthrough by Akcome in the field […]

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