The cost of solar panels depends on the size, power, efficiency and quality of components for installation. If you want to buy solar panels, the price at CGP Solar will pleasantly surprise you – we are an official distributor and importer of proven manufacturers. Therefore, the cost of solar panels is formed without extra charges for the services of intermediaries.

When choosing the size of the panel, realistically estimate the area allocated for the photovoltaic power station. Larger panels are believed to produce more power. We advise you to pay attention to efficiency – often small modules are able to provide the required amount of electricity. It is also necessary to understand that the installation of large solar panels is a time-consuming process and it is difficult to do it manually. If you plan to install it on a roof, you should make sure that the roof can support the weight of the increased size solar panel.

The employees of our company are people who have been performing installation work for many years. We are a team of specialists who justify trust. Installation is possible in any of the regions of Cyprus. After installation and commissioning, we will connect the photovoltaic power station to the monitoring system – this work is performed by an experienced installer. We are responsible for the start-up and promptly eliminate the causes of malfunctions in case of their occurrence.

Installation of solar panels can be done in different places. It is advisable to place domestic photovoltaic power station on roofs, facades of buildings, structures within the boundaries of the estate. Photovoltaic power station for powering large objects are more often installed on the ground, but they can be placed on specially constructed canopies, roofs and facades.

Installation of a solar power plant, in addition to solar panels, involves the use of an inverter, mounting system, cables, etc. elements. Our specialists will select sets of necessary equipment for solar panels.

If you want to install a solar power plant for your own consumption  to save electricity, then in order to determine the required power of the plant, you need to know the annual (monthly) electricity consumption of your house, on which the SPP is planned to be installed.

Based on these data, our specialists will calculate the station you need.

The cost of a solar power plant primarily depends on its capacity, as well as on where exactly it will be placed (on the ground or on the roof), and many other factors.

Therefore, to find out how much a solar power plant costs, you can contact us +35799420443.

You can also come to our company office at a time convenient for you, or call us and we will provide you with all the information.

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