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Free consultations on the choice of equipment on renewable sources

Buying solar panels is not something you do every day or every month. This is a significant investment and you will want to make sure that you make the right choice and get the highest and fastest return on your purchase.

Before you decide to install solar panels, you need to get answers to some important questions, such as: how many solar panels are needed, how much does a solar power plant cost, what kind of power output can you expect, what type of panels will give the most production, and what type of solar inverter is most suitable.

You may also have questions regarding the supply of energy back to the grid, off-grid or hybrid solar power plants, whether it is possible to sell excess energy to the grid and get paid for it.

We will come to you personally to look at possible options for installing equipment, listen to your wishes and prepare a commercial offer within a few days.

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We arrange a visit to your house or business to analyse the location of the house and the orientation of the roof


We calculate your electricity needs that will be supplied from solar panels


We calculate the payback of the system


We analyse the shading of the roof from trees, pipes, wires, etc.


We make a commercial offer for your solar power plant


We show you how you can monitor your solar power plants through an online monitoring system.

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