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Installation of solar power plant

Stages of installation of a solar power plant

Installation of a solar power plant is an interrelated complex of measures, for the implementation of which the following steps must be performed.

  1. The period of information collection during which the following works are performed:
  • determining the purpose, capacity and configuration of the SPP in accordance with the goals and wishes of the customer;
  • a visit to the facility to assess the location of the future station, equipment and communications, the specifics of the area, the roof structure, the availability of a point of connection of the facility to the power grids;
  • obtaining technical conditions for increasing capacity in district power grids (if necessary);
  • project development, technical and economic calculations.

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2. Completing the solar power plant according to the project. Taking into account the purpose of the SPP and the estimated budget, our specialists will select equipment of the appropriate type with a set of necessary characteristics and functions.
3. Coordination and installation. The customer’s choice of one of the configuration options ends with the agreement of some nuances and the conclusion of the contract. After that, our specialists install solar batteries and install other devices in accordance with the project, current Rules and regulations, and taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturers of the installed equipment.
4. Commissioning. This process begins at the stage of pre-project work and ends with checking and documenting the proper functioning of equipment, automation and monitoring. Documentation on operation and maintenance, completed in accordance with the requirements of the standards, is handed over to the customer.

Advantages of a solar power plant

The advantages of installing solar stations are:

  • savings on electricity consumption by your home or business;
  • reduction of dependence on constant increases in electricity prices for the population and enterprises;
  • the opportunity to have additional profit by using part of the electricity to power household consumers and sell excess e/e to the power system;
  • the opportunity to earn by selling directly to the power system all electricity generated by your SPP;
  • the possibility of autonomous operation without connection to a centralized system in case of frequent power supply interruptions or in the absence of connection;
  • independence of the consumer from external sources – in the presence of storage batteries in the SPP, a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply of consumers is ensured.

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