Net Billing Scheme

Net billing is a monetary exchange where the energy produced by your solar power plant is considered as if it were produced by a large-scale solar project. However, your compensation rate will be lower with net billing than with net metering. 


Net billing is a mechanism where the excess energy generated by your solar system is “sold” to the utility for less than it would cost for you to buy it as a customer. Instead of a credit on your utility bill, you will get a euro value based on the supply rate or wholesale rate of electricity.

Using net billing, solar power plant owners transfer the surplus of produced energy to the general energy system, and money are accumulated in their account according to the current tariff at the time of return. In the future, the user can use money from this account to pay for electricity taken from the state power grid. Usually, the need to use it falls on the autumn-winter period, when solar activity decreases and the own station cannot produce a sufficient amount of current for the needs of a household or business.

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