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What is an Inverter?

Inverter is the most important equipment of solar power plants. Designated for direct connection of solar photovoltaic modules to an alternating current network.

Inverters convert direct current produced by solar modules into alternating current and send it to the grid. It can be used both for a small home solar system, with one or several solar modules, and for building megawatt PV systems. They are excellent for photovoltaic systems operating in parallel with the centralized power supply network, for solar power plants of any scale, as well as for backup and autonomous power supply systems.

Modern solar inverters have a high efficiency (up to 99%), made for various operating conditions, often have built-in communication modules for data transmission, remote monitoring of system operation, reactive power compensators for compensation and equalization of network distortions, various current protection devices and overvoltage protection. The design, convenience of installation and connections, graphic display of data of modern solar inverters are constantly being improved, thereby simplifying the installation as much as possible and increasing the convenience of use. Thanks to the ease of installation, integrated functions and wide possibilities, solar inverters are high-performance devices for building photovoltaic systems for any task.

Inverter functions

Solar inverters are a multifunctional, universal intelligent system that can power your home, charge batteries and transfer excess electricity to the grid.

The inverter provides a number of important functions:

  • a complete cycle of operation of the photovoltaic system through one element;
  • remote monitoring, control and management of power plant operation;
  • protection against reverse polarity, surges, short circuits, lightning;
  • increase in output power due to the presence of MPPT;
  • consumer back-up power — electricity can come from solar panels, storage batteries, the grid, or a diesel generator.

Our experts will help you choose and buy a solar inverter. We will select equipment with characteristics and configuration according to your expectations and load parameters.

Types and characteristics of inverters for solar power plants

According to the purpose, there are three types of inverters:

Grid.  It supplies the converted AC voltage to the load, and the surplus to the power system. This type of SPP works only if there is a connection to a power grid, there are no batteries in this system.

Off-Grid. This is the best option when there is no possibility to connect to the power grid, or there is a connection, but the network is unreliable. The off-grid inverter is used in autonomous systems together with solar panels and rechargable batteries.

Hybrid. Combines the capabilities of the previous two. It is a multifunctional intelligent device that diagnoses, monitors and controls the photovoltaic system. In the hybrid inverter, the settings of the parameters of consumption, accumulation and electricity supply to the power system are available.

Main characteristics of inverters:

  • general characteristics — efficiency, IP housing protection rating, set of protections, type of cooling;
  • input (direct current) – max. power, nominal / starting voltage, presence of MPPT trackers;
  • output (alternating current) — nom./ max. power and current, network type/phase, sinusoidal harmonic distortion coefficient;
  • works with rechargeable batteries (type), RB voltage range, charging curve.

Before buying an inverter, you should carefully analyze all technical details, operating modes, compatibility with other components of the power plant, prices and offers on the market.

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Our company has more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy market. A large number of successfully implemented projects, cooperation with leading manufacturers and our own staff of specialists allow us to offer our clients:

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