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Solar power plant equipment differs in type, installation location, electrical, physical, mechanical, and other characteristics. It is divided into main and auxiliary depending on the functions. Solar power plants consist of various components according to their purpose.

Solar panels

Solar panels are one of the most important components of any type of solar power plant — this is where photons of light are directly converted into electricity thanks to photovoltaic technology. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules are most widely used throughout the world. They have maximum efficiency, pay off quickly, provide excellent operational characteristics, withstand the aggressive effects of the environment, and serve for more than 25-30 years.

Quality and highly efficient solar panels suitable for your purposes can be bought on our CGP Solar website.


Inverters are multifunctional devices that diagnose and control the operation of the entire power plant. Their main task is to convert direct current at the output of solar batteries into alternating current. They have a load, store excess energy in batteries or supply it to the network.

There are grid, hybrid and off grid inverters. From us you can buy highly efficient intelligent inverters of any type of reliable brands that meet the highest global standards.


Batteries in hybrid and off-grid SPPs serve to accumulate and store energy. With their help, you can easily supply electricity to loads at night and during interruptions or accidents in the power grid.

Most often, lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries are used. Contact us for a consultation, our managers will select a battery with the correct technical parameters that will meet your specific consumption.

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