Types of solar inverters. Features of autonomous inverters

Solar inverters are equipment that used to convert direct current into alternating current. The device receives current from the solar panels with a voltage of 30 to 50V and transforms it into a current of 220-380V. Thanks to the inverter, the energy received from the solar power plant can be used for household needs: connecting to the network and powering electrical appliances. The equipment is used both for households and for bussineses.

If you purchase an inverter, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Ensuring an uninterrupted supply of energy to electrical devices without the need for constant human control;
  2. Transmission of excess electricity.
  3. Acceleration of the payback period of solar power plant equipment;
  4. The device works absolutely silently, does not produce harmful emissions, does not interfere with the household. It can be installed in a convenient place for you;
  5. Tracking the point of maximum power and in case of overheating or reboot — automatic shutdown;
  6. Control of voltage drops;
  7. Prevents a short circuit in the electrical network;
  8. Simultaneous power supply of many electrical appliances;
  9. Ensuring independence from the centralized power grid, in case of installation of an autonomous or hybrid inverter

Before buying an inverter for SPP, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Consider that the input and output voltage correspond to the required power;
  • Evaluate the protective properties of the equipment, find out how reliably it will protect electrical appliances from overload;
  • Find out whether the characteristics of the solar panels meet the requirements for connecting a particular model of inverter;
  • Be sure to read the inverter datasheet, installation and operating instructions

According to the purpose, there are three types of inverters:

Grid.  It supplies the converted AC voltage to the load, and the surplus to the power system. This type of SPP works only if there is a connection to a power grid, there are no batteries in this system.

Off-Grid. This is the best option when there is no possibility to connect to the power grid, or there is a connection, but the network is unreliable. The off-grid inverter is used in autonomous systems together with solar panels and rechargable batteries.

Hybrid. Combines the capabilities of the previous two. It is a multifunctional intelligent device that diagnoses, monitors and controls the photovoltaic system. In the hybrid inverter, the settings of the parameters of consumption, accumulation and electricity supply to the power system are available.

Main characteristics of inverters:

  • general characteristics — efficiency, IP housing protection rating, set of protections, type of cooling;
  • input (direct current) – max. power, nominal / starting voltage, presence of MPPT trackers;
  • output (alternating current) — nom./ max. power and current, network type/phase, sinusoidal harmonic distortion coefficient;
  • works with rechargeable batteries (type), RB voltage range, charging curve.

Before buying an inverter, you should carefully analyze all technical details, operating modes, compatibility with other components of the power plant, prices and offers on the market.

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