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Service maintenance of solar power plants

Qualified maintenance of solar power plants (SPP) is a guarantee of high productivity and a long service life, with minimum costs for operation and repair. Any equipment requires control over the current state, warning and timely elimination of possible failures or malfunctions. Our company provides a full list of warranty and post-warranty maintenance services for systems of various capacities at low rates.

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The main elements of solar power plant maintenance are:

The need for maintenance of solar power plant

Maintenance of solar power plants is regulated by the manual for the operation of specific equipment. The simple design, compared to traditional generator-based installations, does not impose strict timing requirements. However, it is necessary to constantly monitor the current state of the station’s components, their operation parameters, in order to detect failures in a timely manner and quickly eliminate them.

For the efficient operation of the power plant, maintenance of solar cells/panels must be performed at least twice a year before the beginning of the summer and winter periods. At the same time, specific operating conditions should be taken into account. First of all, this concerns the level of dust, which leads to the pollution of photovoltaic cells, which can impair their energy capabilities by up to 25%. In areas where there is a high probability of dust formation, it is advisable to inspect the panels at least once a month. Inspection of the station is also necessary after heavy rains, hail, in other cases that can cause a deterioration in the efficiency of SPP energy production.

Causes of solar panel problems

The causes of problems when the maintenance of solar panels is needed are:

  • natural pollution of photocells as a result of dust settling;
  • damage caused by hail, lightning, birds, rodents;
    internal defects due to factory defects;
  • failure to take into account specific conditions of operation, area, location of the house when designing;
  • improper selection of network equipment;
    non-compliance with installation technology.

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